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BSc Nursing is an excellent choice for men and women interested in a healthcare career after successfully passing XII standard with science (physics chemistry and biology) subject. On completion of course, the graduates have numerous job opportunities in the hospitals, communities, schools, educational institutions, research institutions and pharmaceutical companies in any part of the world. Those who intend to continue their studies can opt for M.Sc. and Ph. D studies in nursing.

The biggest challenge for nurse educators today is to prepare graduate nurses who are capable of, facing emerging challenges and technological advancements in the field of medicine and working international setup. To practice, a nurse needs to be knowledgeable, skilful and possess a right attitude to function as care giver, communicator, advisor, leader and educator. The faculty at Sowkhya College of Nursing strives to facilitate these qualities in the students in line with the philosophy and objectives of Sowkhya college of Nursing, To Succeed. An individual need to find someone to hold on to, someone to motivate and someone to inspire and encourage Sowkhya College of Nursing endeavours to maintain a "student friendly environment" to provide quality education and prepare professional nurses sensitive to human needs.


Each year, Sowkhya College of Nursing admits students to BSc nursing programme from higher secondary school pass-outs from recognized boards of schools in India. Students form the first line of nursing support to the healthcare sector, often manning primary health centres, small hospitals and nursing homes, polyclinics and corporate hospitals across India. Some of them have found gainful employment in gulf countries, Europe and in the United States. Some exceptional students go on to study further and apply their nursing skills and knowledge to strengthen nursing education. Every year Sowkhya college of nursing contributes quality nursing professionals at various levels to the healthcare sector nationally and internationally.

The college admits young women in the 17-35 age groups to its Diploma programme and BSc nursing programme that includes a six month of internship. Successful students go on to provide the first line of nursing support to the healthcare sector. Sowkhya College of nursing graduates have the knowledge and training to independently handle nursing responsibilities in homes, hospitals and communities. They are also trained to identify the socio-cultural and economic influences on health conditions of individuals, families and communities.

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